We lose 1,100 young children to sexual trafficking each year in Ohio. A new film seeks to shed light on this tragedy and put an end to this common form of modern-day slavery, but we need your help to do it. The film, Shadow on the Heartland, will help to educate the public, parents and at-risk youth about the real dangers and harsh reality of sexual trafficking. You can help with this effort by making a financial contribution toward the creation of this film. See the donor section on this website for the various ways you can contribute. We urge you, at the very least, to be a Freedom Key supporter for only $25.

May 20th event in Maumee Ohio


• To educate parents on how to protect their children from becoming victims of sexual trafficking.

• To make teenagers aware of how easily they can be coerced and controlled by traffickers.

• To touch hearts as victims and survivors share their painful experiences in the sex trade, in which they were forced to work.

• To inspire viewers as they see how a united effort by law enforcement, government leaders, the legal system, social agencies and faith-based organizations has brought justice to those who engage in sexual trafficking while helping survivors of this atrocity build new lives.

• To educate our youth by placing copies of the film in more than 5,000 schools in Ohio.



You can be a vital part in the battle against sexual trafficking.

• Support this film by making a financial donation and by sharing its existence with others.

• Volunteer with organizations that are fighting sexual trafficking and helping to restore survivors.

• Learn what to look for and become more aware of suspicious behaviors so that you can recognize these situations and report them to the proper authorities.

We urge you, at the very least, to be a Freedom Key supporter for only $25. Review the brochure to learn more details on how you can help Shadow on the Heartland save our children and have a positive impact in the state of Ohio.

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Recieve a Freedom Key with a minimum $25 donation.

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